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Direct Dyes Exporter India

We are the most famous and leading manufacturer and exporter company of Dyes, Pigments Paste and Colour Chemical Industry. Our Direct Dyes are widely used in the Textile Industries. Nowin Presently, these dyes are now also started to use in Leather and Paper Industriues. Our Direct Dyes are very easy in use and in apply. Our some Dye stuffs are very suitable for high - temperature applications. Our Red Sun Direct Dyes are directly use for Cotton, Rayon, and Linen. More than 75% of all direct dyes are unmetallised azo structures, great popular of them are disazo or polyazo types.

Direct dyes are used on cellulose fibers such as cotton, rayon, and linen. They lack the permanence of the cold water fiber reactive dyes which most serious dyers prefer for use on cellulose fibers, but in some cases they have advantages that make their use worthwhile.

We provide Direct Dyes at very reasonable prices. We are providing very wide - range of Direct Dyes in different industries. We are also manufactures customized production as per specific requirements of various clients for satisfy the needs of their businesses.


1 DIRECT  YELLOW 44 29000 8005-52-5
2 DIRECT  YELLOW 86 29325 50925-42-3
3 DIRECT   YELLOW 99    
4 DIRECT  ORANGE 26 29150 3626-36-6
5 DIRECT  ORANGE 34   12222-37-6
6 DIRECT  ORANGE 39 40215 1325-54-8
7 DIRECT RED-16 27680 2/7/6227
8 DIRECT RED-23 29160 3441-14-3
9 DIRECT RED-72 29200 8005-64-9
10 DIRECT  RED 80 35780 10/8/2610
11 DIRECT  RED 81 28160  
12 DIRECT  RED 227   12222-51-4
13 DIRECT  RED 239    60202-35-9
14 DIRECT RED 254    101380-00-1
15 DIRECT  BLUE 71 34140 4399-55-7
16 DIRECT BLUE 86 74180 1330-38-7
17 DIRECT BLUE 199 74190  
18 DIRECT  BLACK 22 35435 6473-13-8
19 DIRECT  BLACK 80 31600 8003-69-8
20 DIRECT BLACK 155    
21 DIRECT BLACK 168 335475 85631-88-5
22 DIRECT  BLACK 170    
23 DIRECT VIOLET 66 29120 3/4/6798
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