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Pulp & Paper Dyes Manufacturer From India

We are the leading manufacturer and Suppiler company of Dyes and Colour Chemicals. We are enough capable to provide a wide range of Pulp & Paper Industries Dyes, and Other Cellulosic Materials. We provide full product lines of paper and pulp colors for use in papermaking and coverings applications. Dye ranges are usable in many pH ranges, providing various color options from excellent hues to light pastels. These materials decrease the permanence of the paper. But in nastiness of these restraints and concerns, there are good reasons to choose dyes as coloring agents for paper pulp. We also manufacture customized production as per our customer's specific requirements.

We produced Dyes based on technical problem-solving to get innovative process to get solutions. We develop customized products when our customer have requirment of it. We also have all type of colorants which are commonly used for paper coloring.

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