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Synthetic Food Colors

We are the leading Manufacturer and Suppiler company of Dyes and Colour Chemicals. We producing different types of Synthetic Food Colors in Industry. Synthetic Food Colours, also known as Non-natural Food Colours, are manufactured chemically and are the most regularly used dyes in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. We manufacture Food Colors that can be observed as a part of "primary food colours" that are generally used in adding visual appeal to various food products and other efficacy products. Also known as artificial food colors, our Synthetic Food Colors are managed & manufactured chemically.

Synthetic Food Colors Manufacturer & Suppliers

These Synthetic Food Colors are widely used in various applications in Food Industry and Pharma Industry. We provide wide range of Synthetic Food Colors which are widely used in bakery, beverage, confectionery cosmetics & toiletries, dairy & ice cream, meat & savouries pharmaceutical, seafood, pet food, Cattle Feed, Toiletry, Inkjet Crayons, Sketch Colors, Toys and many more. We can also use thesecolors where harmless Colors are required.

Synthetic Food Colors

Color Common Name Food Color No. C.I.No E.C No.
  Tartrazine Yellow 4 19140 E 102
  Sunset Yellow Yellow 3 15985 E 110
  Carmoisine Red 3 14720 E 122
  Ponceau 4R Red 7 16255 E 124
  Amaranth Red 9 16185 E 123
  Allura Red Red 17 16035 E 129
  Brilliant Blue Blue 2 42090 E 133
  Indigo Carmine Blue 1 73015 E 132
  Erythrosine Red 14 45430 E 127
  Black PN Black 1 28440 E 151
  Red 2G Red 10 18050 E 128
  Brown HT Brown 3 20285 E 155
  Patent Blue V Blue 5 42051 E 131
  Quinoline Yellow Yellow 13 47005 E 104
  Green S Green 4 44090 E 142

Application of food color

Food Color are used in Bakery, Beverage, Cosmetics & Toiletries, Dairy & Ice Cream, Meat & Savouries Pharmaceutical, Sea Food, Pet Food, Cattle Feed, Toiletry, Inkjet Crayons, Sketch Colors, Toys and many more. It also used where harmless Colors are required.